I was searching scribd the other day with a particular book in mind. I’ve been trying to run down a copy of Ken Cornell’s long out-of-print “The Low and Medium Frequency Radio Scrapbook” ever since I first heard about it. Resources for longwave experimenters are few and far between. Nobody’s ever heard of it; none of the online bookstores have it; it’s not in any library I know; and I think Ken’s gone so there’s nobody to ask for a scanned copy.
Well. I finally won one. Not just one, but actually two:




Note that the “scrape” in the URL is NOT  a typo, though it is “scrap” in the actual titles of the books. Perhaps they meant “e-book”? Doesn’t matter.

Now that I’ve read them, I am glad to finally have them in my library. If you’re interested in VLF or ELF radio, you’ll see just how limited the state of the art was back then. Now we use the processing power of computers instead of the old Mark I, Mod. 0 Ear, Human, two each. A lot of the equipment has gotten a lot more sophisticated — but as Cornell points out, in the U.S. or Canada you can get on the air for a relatively low investment, using equipment you built yourself, in a way that doesn’t require a licence.

And now the links are posted where someone might see them.