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Category: The Dim Technological Pleistocene

My doctoral dissertation back in 2005 explored some of the backstory about how people used the Internet in the early days. In it, I used the phrase “…the dim technological Pleistocene” to refer to how fast new technologies sprang up to push the old ones aside.

This page gets back to old tech — specifically for me, to old electronic tech in the form of early radio, Tesla, longwave, and other things that some of us still build, play with and use.

A Hard-to-Find Radio Reference

I was searching scribd the other day with a particular book in mind. I’ve been trying to run down a copy of Ken Cornell’s long out-of-print “The Low and Medium Frequency Radio Scrapbook” ever since I first heard about it. Resources for longwave experimenters are few and far between. Nobody’s ever heard of it; none of the online bookstores have it; it’s not in any library I know; and I think Ken’s gone so there’s nobody to ask for a scanned copy. Continue reading

Welcome to the Dim Technological Pleistocene!

Here’s what this space is all about.

Over the last few…decades, really…I’ve been interested in finding some of the earliest foundational works in radio and electronics. The real history of “electrical science” goes back well into the early 18th century but what interests me most is the history of radio. Continue reading

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