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La Comete Plomb :)

I had the Lead Comet out the other night for another little break-in ride. When I got back I reminded myself to take a picture of the darn thing — and finally did it a couple of days ago. So, in all its glory, here it is. Notice the batteries on the Xtracycle. Those are 38 Ah Optima YTs. They weigh about 25 pounds each. The rear axle is about centred under the rear battery. This is a more crucial point than I assumed at first. Continue reading

Hello world! Welcome to Old Hippie’s Garage.

Welcome to Old Hippie’s Garage. Ironically enough, to quote “Uneasy Rider”: “I ain’t even GOT a garage; you can call home and ask my wife!”

So, what are we about here? Old tractors. Old trucks. Hybrid cars. Motorcycles. Electric vehicles. The odd speculation on Life, The Universe, and Everything. This is a place to talk about what I’m doing, what you’re doing, and post some interesting and useful stuff that I run across from time to time. Continue reading

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