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Category: The Dim Technological Pleistocene

My doctoral dissertation back in 2005 explored some of the backstory about how people used the Internet in the early days. In it, I used the phrase “…the dim technological Pleistocene” to refer to how fast new technologies sprang up to push the old ones aside.

This page gets back to old tech — specifically for me, to old electronic tech in the form of early radio, Tesla, longwave, and other things that some of us still build, play with and use.

A Hard-to-Find Radio Reference

I was searching scribd the other day with a particular book in mind. I’ve been trying to run down a copy of Ken Cornell’s long out-of-print “The Low and Medium Frequency Radio Scrapbook” ever since I first heard about it. Resources for longwave experimenters are few and far between. Nobody’s ever heard of it; none of the online bookstores have it; it’s not in any library I know; and I think Ken’s gone so there’s nobody to ask for a scanned copy. Continue reading

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