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We’re Baaackkk…

Time flies like the wind (and fruit flies like bananas). When I started a “remodeling” project for this weedy little lot in a dark corner of the Internet I thought it would be a fun summer project. My, what hubris. It quickly turned into a not-fun project, so I sought some help. Finally, some time later — years — everybody had time and inclination to take a look at things.

So welcome back! I also need to send a very large shout-out to Ms. Colleen Foucault. She’s the reason this blog looks the way it does now. She walked into my office, looked things over, and said, “Leave it with me for a while.” By that afternoon she’d totally redone things I hadn’t even noticed. Totally blew my doors off! Now all I have to do is not mess it up…

Back in the Saddle Again

I thought this went away a year ago while they were plowing new furrows in the server farm! Apologies to anyone who wondered what happened to me.
So…look for one a week on average from now on.

Starting next week, heh, heh.

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